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A Passion for Food Business - Announce the Launch of a New Brand


Category:Food & Beverages


. Brand Launching Conference——birth of a new brand was officially announced, a chance for company to

connect with clients directly

The world’s largest dairy nutrition company Fonterra has launched its new brand Anchor Food Professionals in 2016, we have arranged a conference in Hotel ICON Hong Kong officially announcing its launch, and at the same time, strengthened the company’s relationship with their clients thus maintained close partnerships.

The conference kicked off with a professionally made animated video which illustrated the result of a market research for pastry industry today in an easy-to- understand approach, to let guests and media to have a big picture of the present market trend. In addition to this, 3 testimonial videos were produced and shown during the event, in them real stories about Anchor’s close partners were exhibited.

We have also set up 3 stalls inside the conference room, snacks and desserts made with Fonterra dairy products were served for guests to taste the quality. Product catalogues with brand new Anchor Food Professionals packaging, together with a specially designed USB were given as souvenirs for guests at the closing of the meeting.

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