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When ME became WE - The First Ever Seminar + Experience Pregnancy Talk


Category:Food & Beverages


. Taste & Talk——the first ever seminar combining tasting experience and talks by professionals for

mothers-to- be, and a chance for products tryout by potential customers

Due to declining birth rate and less consumption of milk powder in Hong Kong, it’s time for our client, maternal milk brand Anmum, to remind people the importance of maternal milk during pregnancy. In the light of this, we have designed and introduced the Hong Kong first ever dining experience seminar campaign, offering a series of seminars on pregnancy diet, thus promoted the concept ‘When ME became WE’, which means starting from the bingo moment, mother’s diet becomes baby’s first food, and mum’s every bite is a meal for her baby. This also suited as a promotion for the newly built website ‘Anmum YOU & B’, the first pregnancy diet website in Hong Kong.

During the 2-hour event held in a restaurant, dietitians gave professional advices and practical information on mothers’ diet. Chefs were invited to make recipes with Anmum milk powder products earlier, dishes with which milk powder was added in as one of the ingredients were served on the tables for pregnant mums and their families to taste. This brand new prenatal seminar experience impressed participants thus let the public to gain knowledge in pregnancy care.

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