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Mothers on Stage - Proud Ageless Banquet for 1,000 VIPs


Category:Beauty & Body care


. Banquet for 1,000 VIPs——arranged lunch banquet for over 1,000 customers with events closely connected

with theme

2-hour programmes on stage——developed stage design as well as 2 hours non-stop programmes on stage

. Activities with media attraction——over 10 celebrities and performers were invited to interpret the brand’s

core value through various angles

To effectively promote ‘Proud Ageless’, the core value of ASANA, we have organized the brand’s first campaign on Mother’s Day 2017. The theme mother was chosen as the starting point, as mothers are universally accepted figures who should be proud of themselves. We helped from rundown to execution, media relation and other related duties.

A stage especially for mothers aged 40, 50, 60 and above was set up and a grand variety show was organized. Nearly 20 celebrities and performers in town were invited for music and dance performance together with personal experience sharing.

Well-planned programmes such as a 2-week ‘transformation’ for two mothers aged over 60 and 70 respectively has started up earlier under an imagemeister’s guidance; sessions in Chinese calligraphy and ballet dance performance to tell the message in different ways were also included. Celebrities and KOLs were invited to attend the event with their mothers. All these were widely covered in 60 entertainment news feeds in various platforms.

Through a series of diversified and interactive programmes on stage, we motivated Proud Ageless in a positive way. Finally, over 50 online and print media covered the event and it successfully grabbed more than 1 million media value.

After the banquet, ASANA extended its Stage to more platforms, aiming to promote the idea to the whole community, we are now working closely with ASANA and developing new and creative ways to promote its core value.

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